Narelle Haronen

Sub-Juniors Coach

Ridgehaven Calisthenics Coach Narelle HaronenCommenced Calisthenics in 1974 at Lewayne (Sefton) Calisthenics Club

  • 3 years SA State Team Representative
  • 1987 RSSS Senior Graceful Competitor
  • 2015-2018 All Class Masters State and Pan Pacific Games Competitor

Commenced Coaching in 1985

  • Numerous Club Team Aggregate Wins
  • 25 years Principal Coach at Largs North Calisthenics Club
  • 1 year SA State Team Coach
  • 3 years SA State Team Assistant Coach
  • Life Member at Sefton and Largs North Calisthenics Club

Other Achievements

  • 10+ years Cecchetti Ballet training